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Social Justice and Therapy

Peaceful Protest group and protester uni

As a therapist and individual, I believe in the fundamental humanity and sacred worth of all persons.  With all "-isms" related to (dis)ability, race, color, gender, orientation, age, religion/spirituality, national origin/citizenship, veteran status, or any other marginalization, I strive to practice "anti-____ism" both professionally and personally. 

As a therapist, part of my role is to cultivate and encourage empathy, compassion, and understanding for self and for others.  This especially includes those who are oppressed, marginalized, or discriminated against individually or systemically.  One way I do this is by encouraging and facilitating critical thinking skills.

The therapy process may also include challenging thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that maintain social inequities.  I am an advocate for change and social justice.  I believe in collaborating with clients on these important concerns as they arise in order to facilitate growth and healing.

Please contact me to discuss whether we might be a good fit to work together.

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