Group Therapy

Group Discussion with clients sitting in circle and therapist smiling at one clent

Group therapy offers many opportunities to supplement or follow individual therapy.  While it might sound intimidating to open up in front of others, many people find the experience to be very rewarding.  With the support and structure provided by a trained therapist (different from many community support groups), you as a member of a therapy group get to connect with others who share concerns, get perspective on your own concerns, learn and practice skills, and benefit from a diverse set of viewpoints and strategies.

Please see below for current group offerings and feel free to contact me with any questions.

ACCESS: Community for People with Disabilities

Are you a person with disabilities and/or health challenges who has been exhausted with obstacles, ignorance, excuses, and having to constantly advocate for yourself?  Have you felt isolated, and do you want to connect with others in a community of support?  If so, the ACCESS (Appreciation, Connection, Community, Empowerment, Skills, Support) group may be an important resource for you.

ACCESS is a weekly therapy group for people that want to share their experiences and gain support.  All adults, regardless of diagnosis (or lack thereof), ethnicity, sexual identity/orientation, age or spirituality, are welcome to contact me for a pre-group interview to determine if the ACCESS group is a good fit.


ACCESS is an open group with new members able to join at any time.  Our space is physically accessible, and we encourage you to inquire about other accommodations. 

ACCESS will begin in Spring 2020.