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Plant seedling growing step by step

 Your Investment

Taking care of yourself is an investment of time, energy, and money.  It takes a lot of effort, but you are worth it.  I want to offer you the best mental health support possible with a high level of service.  My hope is that you find it valuable with a fantastic return on your investment!

In most cases, weekly counseling sessions are optimal to explore concerns, learn skills, and receive regular support.  Time spent incorporating insight and implementing skills outside sessions will help you build confidence and effectiveness.  The energy used during and in between sessions can be significant, so it's important to also build in time for fun and self care!

I know that finances are a basic concern for most of us.  Consider what you can invest to develop your best self.  Can you make mental health care a priority in your budget?  You can use your Health Savings Account (or your parents' HSA account) to pay for services, which effectively reduces your costs by up to ~30% considering the pre-tax dollars invested in HSAs.  Insurance may partially reimburse you (see more below).  Payments are due at the time of service and I accept cash, checks, or credit cards.

Fees & Insurance

Individual Therapy fees are $190 for 50 minutes and at times I have some sliding fee spots available.

I am not on insurance panels as I want the main driver for your treatment to be the collaboration between you as the client and me as the therapist, not an insurance company that is primarily driven by diagnosis codes and session limits. However, your insurance may reimburse you via out-of-network coverage if your policy includes mental or behavioral health benefits. Check with your insurer regarding coverage and deductibles. I will be happy to provide you with super bills to submit for claims.

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