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 Meet In-Person or Virtually


Providing you with a soothing environment tailored for comfort, connection, and privacy was my top priority when creating our physical therapy space. As we build a relationship together, I want our surroundings to help facilitate that. The historic building was designed in the 1880s for residential use and the interior of the suite is reminiscent of those personal homes. The waiting area is cozy, quiet, and holds a selection of quality coffee and tea selections. My personal office has an original fireplace and exposed brick with decor that I love and hope that you will as well.


Offering you the option of convenience to meet from the location of your choice, for every session or when plans change last minute, I use an online system that is HIPAA-compliant and simple. Using the same portal for your appointment reminders and payments, the video component opens easily on another browser tab when using a desktop or laptop. On a mobile device, you will download an app just once for all future virtual session.  

Please contact me to discuss whether we might be a good fit to work together.

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