January 2021 Update:


I am hopeful that 2021 will give us all more emotional, physical, social, and spiritual comfort.  

And I recognize that we continue to face challenging times with the pandemic, social justice needs, and economic uncertainty.  I hope that you are as well as possible.

For now, I continue to hold therapy sessions online via my secure, HIPAA-compliant platform and will update this site when things change.  I certainly can't wait to meet in-person again!

Who do you dream of becoming?

How will you get there?

Is something holding you back?

How can I help?

Maybe you are in school and don't like what you are studying or aren't sure what's next in life. Maybe you are working but this isn't the fulfilling career you'd hoped for. Maybe you're hopeful for an intimate relationship but dating is so hard.  Maybe you are in a relationship that no longer feels happy.  Maybe you're contemplating your gender or sexuality.  Maybe you're struggling with chronic pain or disability.  Maybe your family is causing you pain.    


You'd like to feel settled, be genuinely connected to others, make a difference in the world, and figure out this balance/harmony thing.  But how?

I am a therapist in Atlanta, GA, who has significant experience working with anxiety, depression, emotional regulation, chronic health, disabilities, relationship concerns, and life transitions.  I believe that you are the expert on you, but we all need help to move through this life.  I can offer you support, encouragement, an outside perspective, and space to explore.

In addition to counseling, I work with counselors-in-training, especially those working with young adults. I would love to provide guidance and supervision as you work towards the next step in your career.